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Review Date: 04/15/2021 | Author: Titus T.

Comments: Fast and professional.

Review Date: 04/13/2021 | Author: N P.

Comments: Their price was reasonable and they did excellent work and held to their estimate. Only one complaint: They needed to bring their large cherry picker truck into my back yard to trim the trees, & unfortunately, a gate post was broken in the process.

Review Date: 01/14/2021 | Author: Jimmy B.

Comments: Very professional, On time. They did a great job of cleaning up. I will Definitely use them again. I will Definitely recommend them

Review Date: 12/24/2020 | Author: Michael P.

Comments: They were very professional when they showed up. Very efficient and quick.

Review Date: 12/04/2020 | Author: William B.

Comments: Good service, did what they said they would. Glad I hired them.

Review Date: 12/02/2020 | Author: Jerry G.

Comments: Very professional. Easy to work with. Fair price....

Review Date: 12/01/2020 | Author: Kimberlee J.

Comments: I have never had to hire a tree service company but after reading the google reviews I thought I would give them a try and Iā m so glad I did! I called two other companies before calling Montpelier because Iā ve always been a fan of getting three quotes. Well the other two companies were wishy washy on when they could come for the estimate but Montpelier came that day! The quote was inline with my budget and they came out today cut down two trees and cleaned up after the job was done. The neat thing to me was that the owner came and he was also helping the guys clean up! I couldnā t be happier!!!!

Review Date: 11/30/2020 | Author: James F.

Comments: Dropped 6 trees with precision. Excellent clean up. Stumps ground. Kip Smith provided great customer service. Saved $700 over nearest competitor. Plan to hire them for 3 or 4 more trees in the Spring.

Review Date: 11/09/2020 | Author: Rodney C.

Comments: Called them about 9:30 a.m, Donny came out about an hour later and looked at project. By about mid afternoon he had his crew out and shortly after they had removed a large dead pine and a dead magnolia tree and a dangerous oak limb. All at a very reasonable price! Couldnā t ask for a better experience!

Review Date: 10/05/2020 | Author: Eddie jean B.

Comments: They showed up when they said they would and did a great job. Excellent cleanup. Very friendly and pleasant. I will highly recommend them. Thanks so much to Donnie and the crew!

Review Date: 10/05/2020 | Author: Donna F.

Comments: I was real pleased with there work. I had three trees removed. They cleaned up the area wonderful. I w as surprised how fast they worked., taken down the trees. They arrived on the time they said they would be here. I was impressed. Nice group of guys. Donna Fritz

Review Date: 09/15/2020 | Author: D m B.

Comments: Good service

Review Date: 08/16/2020 | Author: Craig F.

Comments: They completed the project on time, very efficient and professional. Great people to work with

Review Date: 07/18/2020 | Author: Fran H.

Comments: Fast, friendly, polite workers and cleaned up my yard completely before leaving!

Review Date: 07/16/2020 | Author: Angela J.

Comments: They worked very hard and did everything I asked and then some. I couldn't ask for a better price or harder working group of guys. The owner checked in several times every day to make sure we were all on the same page. I had @40 trees removed and the stumps ground all in about 3 days. I would definitely recommend them.

Review Date: 07/15/2020 | Author: Andrew N.

Comments: Mr. Carlos and his associates performed in an excellent manner. I will definitely recommend this company. They removed all the debris/tree limbs, etc. clean the area, and worked in a safe manner.

Review Date: 05/03/2020 | Author: Hardy S.

Comments: they was on time and they're work is very clean

Review Date: 04/14/2020 | Author: Kawan V.

Comments: Good company

Review Date: 04/13/2020 | Author: Linda C.

Comments: I have used them twice. Just placed,a request, online, to have another tree cut, tree trimmed and additional stump removals. Carlos and the crew were Fantastic. Highly recommended. I have used other companies and they far outweighed the others. Thank u Montpelier Svcs for your hard work.

Review Date: 03/02/2020 | Author: Karen L.

Comments: We have a tree over 300 years old with a circumference of 17-1/2 feet. The tree is in the "L" area of our home, less the 10 feet from the inside corner of the house. We're trying to save the tree after years of neglect. Donnie qouted a price to remove 3 limbs hanging over the house. He drastically under priced the scope of work, but stuck to his price. Donnie's crew did an excellent job, thank you.

Review Date: 02/24/2020 | Author: Bob M.

Comments: Friendly and courteous. Not only took down the trees and ground the stumps, but cleaned up and leveled the ground.

Review Date: 02/09/2020 | Author: Bob L.

Comments: Expensive but worth it, especially for complicated tree removal. Had huge oaks and hickory trees, some touching the roof. No access for a bucket truck so all had to be climbed and rigged with rope. All 11 trees removed carefully and expertly. Stumps ground, all debris removed and cleaned up.

Review Date: 01/26/2020 | Author: Wyonnie T.

Review Date: 01/21/2020 | Author: Alexis E.

Comments: They arrived promptly at the time scheduled. They removed 3 large trees in less than 3 hours. They cleaned up all of the debris and even cleaned the leaves off of my driveway. They left my yard cleaner than they found it. I would recommend their services to anyone.

Review Date: 01/12/2020 | Author: Sylvia B.

Comments: Very professional and safe company. Cut down several trees for a reasonable price. Removed logs and good clean up. I highly recommend their services.

Review Date: 12/20/2019 | Author: Hal B.

Comments: The crew was on time, did a good job cutting down the trees and removing all debris. Final price matched the estimate and was an excellent value. Will definitely use them again when the need arises.

Review Date: 12/20/2019 | Author: Robin A.

Comments: James and his crew were professional, courteous, and fast. He shows care and concern for the customer. We will be using this company again!

Review Date: 12/14/2019 | Author: Karen K.

Comments: They came and completed the removal of our Dead trees and chopped them up with their machines, in out in no time

Review Date: 12/13/2019 | Author: Brandon H.

Review Date: 12/10/2019 | Author: Ann J.

Comments: They were friendly, professional and true to their estimate given. They did work in a timely manner.

Review Date: 11/26/2019 | Author: Julie B.

Comments: They were 1/2 hour late which was a little annoying but overall work was quick and very efficient. Pleased with the excellent team work and nice people. They cleaned up very well. My screened patio door was accidentally broken but they replaced the part for me. The worker shut it but did not know it was mechanically propped open so the door hardware broke. Easy fix. Overall, very pleased with final project. I would recommend to anyone looking for tree service.

Review Date: 11/20/2019 | Author: Mitch L.

Comments: Very professional. Dropped the tree right where I wanted it. Did a good job grinding stumps. One that wasn't ground down far enough, they sent someone back out and took care of it.

Review Date: 10/17/2019 | Author: Eric P.

Comments: Very knowledgeable, gave me a square deal for a big yard job. Very professional; they did what they said they would do, in the time frame they said, & cleaned up beautifully afterward. I highly recommend Montpeliar Tree Service.

Review Date: 10/16/2019 | Author: Ronald H.

Comments: Montpelier tree service did a great job with cutting,removing all debris, and grinding tree stumps. They were professional and completed the work in 3 days. Originally they were set to complete the work in one week!! I will definitely recommend them

Review Date: 10/13/2019 | Author: Sarah M.

Comments: These guys weren t the first company I contacted, but oh how I wish they had been! I talked to 3 other tree companies before them and had negative experiences with all of them- either the price was too high, or they never returned my calls, or they were totally unprofessional. NOT MONTPELIER!! They were prompt to communicate, punctual, professional, and a GREAT value for the service provided (like significantly more affordable than other offers I received!). We can t say enough good things about Carlos and the guys, but we will definitely be using them again for a future project! Highly, highly recommend!

Review Date: 10/10/2019 | Author: Gary B.

Comments: they did a very good job i got my money's worth I can't complain

Review Date: 09/29/2019 | Author: Emory H.

Review Date: 09/26/2019 | Author: Rudolf H.

Comments: Good job

Review Date: 09/22/2019 | Author: Marshall G.

Comments: Very professional. Fully explained all aspects of the job.

Review Date: 09/13/2019 | Author: Tony C.

Review Date: 08/25/2019 | Author: Dorothy D.

Comments: This crew was professional, dedicated and thorough. Cleanup was remarkable. I would recommend them for tree removal anytime.

Review Date: 08/16/2019 | Author: Cindy J.

Comments: James Costlow is a man of his word. These guys are awesome in every way. They are very professional and they get the job done. I would recommend Montpelier Tree service to anyone needing tree service and debris removal.

Review Date: 08/13/2019 | Author: Claudine R.

Comments: They cut down 3 trees (one huge)They did a really great job. Cleaned up all limbs and debris.It was 95 degrees out, but even so, they were real troopers and worked so hard. I would call them again if needed.

Review Date: 07/30/2019 | Author: Willie M.

Comments: Did what they said they would do and was done when they said it would be done for a reasonable price

Review Date: 07/17/2019 | Author: Lillian R.

Comments: Montpelier Tree Svc, from first call, first meeting w/James, and the team coming out to do the job, was extraordinary! They listen and do what you ask, have great suggestions, and clean up everything as they go! Whole tree gonetwo three other trees cleaned up(aka haircut!😁) and only evidence is a small mound of dirt! Pricing was very reasonable and true to word, with no "hidden" charges! I highly recommend! Only good things to say about them!

Review Date: 07/17/2019 | Author: Rodney B.

Comments: From the initial contact James was very personable, friendly and knowledgeable! Great experience overall !!!

Review Date: 07/14/2019 | Author: Scot N.

Comments: Excellent work! They came in, did the job exactly as we agreed upon, removed all of the items and ground the stumps in one day.

Review Date: 07/12/2019 | Author: James L.

Comments: contractor did a perfect job

Review Date: 07/10/2019 | Author: Angel P.

Comments: The Montpelier crew definitely has plenty of experience. They were very professional and cleaned everything left behind. They did the job at a reasonable price. Highly recommend this company.

Review Date: 07/01/2019 | Author: Randy T.

Review Date: 07/01/2019 | Author: William J.

Comments: Excellent service for a reasonable price. So impressed with how quickly the job was completed and how professional and friendly everyone was throughout the process. I will definitely contact Montpelier Tree Services again when I need my trees trimmed in the future

Review Date: 06/17/2019 | Author: Robert M.

Comments: Hired Montpelier Tree Service to remove 5 very large pine trees, 1 of them dead. The price was good, the work very good (no damage to nearby houses or surrounding trees and shrubs. They cleaned up the debri and hauled it all away. The team of 5 worked very good together and were very professional. Our property has a lot of trees and at some point I will definitely use them again.

Review Date: 06/17/2019 | Author: Danny B.

Comments: Preformed excellent work in a timely manner I would recommend them to others.

Review Date: 06/05/2019 | Author: Robin A.

Comments: On time, excellent workers, project completed as promised.

Review Date: 05/21/2019 | Author: Frances H.

Comments: Excellent job done, from start to cleanup!

Review Date: 04/27/2019 | Author: Lynn K.

Comments: Donny and his crew were absolutely super! Posted the job on Home Adviser, talked to Donny about the job and the very next day, he and his crew showed up to complete the job. The guys ground the stumps, cleaned and raked the areas just great. Would hire them again in a heartbeat. Happy customer!

Review Date: 04/25/2019 | Author: Johnnie J.

Comments: Very satisfied and pleased with Montpelier Tree Service. Did every thing they said they would and left the area in good condition. Have already recommended them to another customer. they did a great job.

Review Date: 04/24/2019 | Author: Jean L.

Comments: James and his crew were courteous and professional in doing their work and as individuals. They were all willing to answer all my questions and cleanup was more than expected. I would definitely recommend them to others They are a great team.

Review Date: 04/17/2019 | Author: Angela T.

Review Date: 04/14/2019 | Author: Michael V.

Comments: These guys were very professional, and did a great job!!

Review Date: 04/14/2019 | Author: Donald N.

Comments: Can I add a sixth star? I have never before observed such a well coordinated team. No one had to be told what to do, they all were very well trained. They removed nine trees of the twelve on the property. The trees were felled, cut up and hauled away, the stumps ground into a fine mulch. These and other tasks they accomplished in two days! I will definitely hire them again if the need arises. Thank you Montpilier.

Review Date: 03/30/2019 | Author: Anthony M.

Review Date: 03/23/2019 | Author: Gregory E.

Comments: I can't say enough good things about Montpelier Tree Service Simply the Best of Best.

Review Date: 03/22/2019 | Author: Charles michele G.

Comments: Great team. I would hire this company again , and highly recommend it for others.

Review Date: 02/21/2019 | Author: Robert J.

Comments: The best price, excellent service, fast & friendly. Save yourself time and money, just call Montpelier. Can't say enough, Thanks.

Review Date: 02/06/2019 | Author: Gene S.

Comments: We've had 3 different tree service companies service this property. Montpelier is best.

Review Date: 01/10/2019 | Author: Mark B.

Comments: James, who was the representative for Montpelier, was extremely professional and overall a great guy. They did what we had discussed for the price we had agreed on. The overall team was awesome to say the least. As I watched the crew, Hector, the tree trimmer, was a true professional and knew his stuff, not to take anything away from the rest. I would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone needing tree removal service. In and out. The only issue was the last removal pile was accomplished after everyone had left, late into the evening, including the supervisor and there was a small area of debris that was left. I took it upon myself to clean up that portion, a couple of hours worth of clean up, I needed the workout. Still overall extremely happy with the quality and service provided.

Review Date: 12/31/2018 | Author: Mary` W.

Comments: They do great work fast and affordable.

Review Date: 11/02/2018 | Author: Michael H.

Comments: Montpelier did a great job at a fair price! Use them for your tree service needs, you won?t be disappointed!

Review Date: 10/26/2018 | Author: Dave F.

Comments: Removed 7 cherry trees and 2 fallen trees from previous storms. Ground stumps and cleaned up. Completed the job within time that was estimated. Requested that I check the area and be sure I was satisfied with their work. Very professional. I would not hesitate to hire them again.

Review Date: 10/25/2018 | Author: Alexis E.

Comments: Hire after Hurricane Irma in 2017. They came out and removed trees that had fallen and additional trees. They said they were backed up, but worked on day off to take care of issue for me. Great price for the service. Will hire again for more tree removals.

Review Date: 10/19/2018 | Author: Stanley C.

Comments: They did a great job

Review Date: 10/04/2018 | Author: Harold S.

Comments: Great bid, great job. We had some miss communications getting off the ground but the job got done very well.

Review Date: 09/20/2018 | Author: Rhonda R.

Comments: They were prompt and courteous, in addition to being very knowledgeable about the projects I needed completed. They also cleaned up all of the debris and did not damage our yard. I would definitely recommend this company to others!

Review Date: 09/11/2018 | Author: Dale J.

Comments: Very experience, knew exactly what they were doing. Professional and courteous, extremely superior work. Would recommend for any future projects related to tree removal.

Review Date: 09/06/2018 | Author: Lawand J.

Comments: They are very busy and I can see why. They are positive people who deliver quality service. The communication with them was outstanding,they called me to sure that my business is important to them. I will be telling anyone who needs tree removal service call them Great customer service.

Review Date: 08/16/2018 | Author: Rod F.

Comments: Great work

Review Date: 08/14/2018 | Author: Kenneth D.

Comments: They got the job done for a reasonable price

Review Date: 08/12/2018 | Author: James F.

Comments: Work was carried out as stated including clean up. Friendly crew and went above and beyond what I expected. My thanks to the entire crew! Would recommend these guys to anyone and I will use again

Review Date: 07/15/2018 | Author: James F.

Comments: removed the trees i needed down and cleaned up great. this was the 3rd time i have used them and i will use them again when needed.

Review Date: 07/12/2018 | Author: George H.

Review Date: 06/20/2018 | Author: Keith B.

Comments: Very professional, knowledgeable and easy to work with. They did a great job.

Review Date: 06/09/2018 | Author: Suzanne M.

Comments: Had 6 huge pines to remove. Other estimates and add on cost had me sick. This company not only did the work as promised but also did way more than they probably should have. The trees and stumps are gone, down to below ground. They removed every limb and branch and a good deal of the wood chips. We are in our 70's and would never have gotten it cleaned up. I would recommend this company over at least a few others in town. Had a tree trimmed in our other home here in Warner Robins by a highly recommended company and the work was good but the cost for just a trim was terrible. Get a few estimates then call this company, would be shocked if they dropped the ball and did less than expected.

Review Date: 05/20/2018 | Author: Connie M.

Comments: They did a great job cutting down a huge pecan tree that was very close to our house and near our pool. They were very careful and did a good job. The price was fair and we are satisfied with their work. The only reason I didn’t give them five stars was because the work crew left empty water bottles in our neighbors yard and we had to pick them up.

Review Date: 05/11/2018 | Author: L W.

Comments: Called me immediately. Came on date we agreed upon. Went above and beyond what was negotiated. Will use again and again and again. Did work within budget.

Review Date: 04/10/2018 | Author: Carol J.

Comments: Excellent communication. Completed job timely and just as agreed upon.

Review Date: 04/07/2018 | Author: Cheryl W.

Comments: They called me, I called them back, second choice but recommended by a friend. Carlos was out here within 2 hours, they came at 8 am the next morning, with lots of professional equipment, removed 2 pecan trees and trimmed 3 and were out of here by 3 pm same day. Could not believe the extraordinary service these guys gave me. Not a twig was left in my yard. Expect some digs in the yard from the equipment but that's just par for having trees taken down in an established yard. I love you guys!!! Thanks Cornbread, you are a really nice guy. Your prices are in the middle range.

Review Date: 03/21/2018 | Author: Greg G.

Comments: .

Review Date: 03/15/2018 | Author: Brian B.

Comments: Great work after reschedule.

Review Date: 02/25/2018 | Author: Richard H.

Comments: cost effective

Review Date: 02/20/2018 | Author: Josephine H.

Comments: Cost effective.

Review Date: 02/18/2018 | Author: Ann W.

Comments: They were very professional.

Review Date: 01/29/2018 | Author: Colin C.

Comments: Efficient, persoanble and professional.

Review Date: 01/28/2018 | Author: Jane B.

Comments: James was extremely polite. His crew worked fast and finished 15 trees and cleaned everything up in 2 days! We were amazed at the efficiency of the crew and the fair price. We would definitely hire them again.

Review Date: 01/28/2018 | Author: Steve S.

Comments: Great job at a fair price.

Review Date: 01/13/2018 | Author: James & stacy D.

Comments: Fast, fairly timely, decent cleanup, reasonable price.

Review Date: 12/11/2017 | Author: Judith S.

Comments: I had a double trunk tree next to my septic tank and over my neighbors fence/yard. It was amazing to watch them drop each branch/limb right where they wanted it to fall. They did a good job of cleaning up the debris. Their price was very competitive and I would recommend them to others.

Review Date: 12/04/2017 | Author: David J.

Review Date: 12/01/2017 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Great

Review Date: 12/01/2017 | Author: Sandra C.

Comments: excellent service and would use them again.

Review Date: 11/02/2017 | Author: George C.

Comments: I would hire them again if needed.

Review Date: 10/30/2017 | Author: Dale J.

Comments: Did a superior job. Personnel very professional

Review Date: 10/29/2017 | Author: John K.

Comments: Showed up when they said they would. Did good work and cleaned up after themselves. Very professional.

Review Date: 10/05/2017 | Author: Deborah F.

Comments: Very professional job. Tree was cut down and everything cleaned up in a hour I would differently hire them again

Review Date: 10/04/2017 | Author: Alexis E.

Comments: Great job, reliable and reasonable rates.

Review Date: 08/25/2017 | Author: Sharon K.

Comments: Good people

Review Date: 08/22/2017 | Author: Velma H.

Comments: Very satisfied with service and price. Workers were very professional and courteous.

Review Date: 08/18/2017 | Author: Dustin G.

Comments: I hired this company twice to remove dead trees from my property. They were both non-emergency removals, but both projects were handled within a reasonable period of time (about two weeks) from the initial call and estimate. All trees removed were close to the house, but the crew quickly and professionally cut them all down and removed the debris with no damage done to my property. If I need more tree work done in the future I will definitely rehire them.

Review Date: 08/18/2017 | Author: Jerry M.

Comments: Remove two Pecan trees in a fast and efficient manner.

Review Date: 08/17/2017 | Author: Jesse P.

Comments: Not on Facebook

Review Date: 08/01/2017 | Author: Mike C.


Review Date: 07/13/2017 | Author: Marge S.

Comments: Arrived when they said . Workers were courteous and cleaned up the area when finished with the job. Would recommend them to anyone needing tree removal.

Review Date: 06/24/2017 | Author: Mary U.

Review Date: 06/18/2017 | Author: Michael S.

Comments: This crew knew what they were doing and they did it very well. Had about 10 trees, more than half of them being large ones. Cleaned up well; very glad I hired them.

Review Date: 05/23/2017 | Author: Conrad S.

Comments: All of the staff performed the work as promised. I would hire them again.

Review Date: 05/18/2017 | Author: Marianne L.

Comments: Most professional. They know their jobs! VERY impressed!

Review Date: 04/15/2017 | Author: Scott C.

Review Date: 03/19/2017 | Author: Beth H.

Review Date: 02/26/2017 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Did a good job!

Review Date: 02/04/2017 | Author: Walter W.

Comments: I highly recommend this company for tree removal

Review Date: 01/30/2017 | Author: Billy D.

Comments: They come out on a Sunday to give and estimate and was cheaper than the others that i had gotten and came back Monday morning to do the job i am greatly surprised at the fast service i got and would hire them again

Review Date: 01/15/2017 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Prompt. Provided requested before/after pics, since I could not inspect the work personally.

Review Date: 01/11/2017 | Author: Sheryl M.

Comments: Did a fantactic job!

Review Date: 01/05/2017 | Author: Auguststina E.

Review Date: 12/11/2016 | Author: Paul O.

Comments: Left town before the work was complete and part of project wasn't completed by Montpelier. Haven't been able to get hold of James Costlow since we returned .

Review Date: 11/02/2016 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Dependable, on-time, good work

Review Date: 11/01/2016 | Author: Roger L.

Comments: For the amount of work and number of trees i had them remove it was done with very little harm to my lawn. They have experienced people working for them.

Review Date: 10/17/2016 | Author: Gene S.

Comments: Very nice all team members (workers).

Review Date: 10/09/2016 | Author: Larry B.

Comments: very good work they did what was agreed on.

Review Date: 09/19/2016 | Author: Jeannie C.

Comments: Jason showed up on time as promised, provided quote, and work was done quickly! HIGHLY recommend to anyone needing tree service done! THANK YOU JASON!!!

Review Date: 09/11/2016 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: I was told that the minimum call is $300. So wait until you need a lot of work done.

Review Date: 08/04/2016 | Author: Larry W.

Comments: Very professional and did the job in record time. Clean up was great

Review Date: 07/08/2016 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: They were very efficient and did a great job.

Review Date: 06/28/2016 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Good job

Review Date: 06/20/2016 | Author: Carlton B.

Comments: Fast , professional, courteous and reasonably pried !

Review Date: 05/03/2016 | Author: Robert P.

Comments: Scheduled on short notice, arrived on time, good job.

Review Date: 03/29/2016 | Author: Wyeuca F.

Comments: I loved this crew. Montpelier Tree Service did an excellent job and the staff was exceptionally nice.

Review Date: 03/11/2016 | Author: Val S.

Comments: Fast, efficient and very helpful.

Review Date: 02/15/2016 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Great job!

Review Date: 02/12/2016 | Author: Tieman S.

Comments: Jason and his team did a fantastic job! Jason helped me stay within my budget by giving me options for the tree and stump removal. I had some huge trees removed and well as over a dozen others with NO collateral damage! Also, Jason and his team got it all done rapidly for me so I could begin construction on my home. Finally, they did a nice job filling in the holes and cleaning up! Thanks Montpelier!

Review Date: 02/11/2016 | Author: Jeff S.

Comments: Jason and crew did an excellent job clearing building site and removing necessary trees. I would highly recommend this company.

Review Date: 12/29/2015 | Author: Sonia M.

Comments: It took a week for them to call me back, but once they did all went well and the job was completed quickly and professionally.

Review Date: 12/03/2015 | Author: Patricia O.

Comments: They cut down and hauled away the two large pine trees and completed the work and now my yard looks great without the trees. Montpellier charged the market price for cutting down the trees and I decided to go with them. They also advertise in writing that they are fully insured and due to truth in advertising laws, I liked that.

Review Date: 11/30/2015 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Did a fantastic job on the tree removal. Small hiccups on cleaning up and the loading of tree for hauling it off. Minor damage to driveway.

Review Date: 11/19/2015 | Author: Brenda K.

Comments: Awesome service! Respectful, timely, great crew and cleaned up after themselves. I absolutely recommend this company and will use in the future. Even called the crew back to cut down a huge tree in my backyard

Review Date: 11/17/2015 | Author: Alan R.


Review Date: 11/07/2015 | Author: Mark G.

Comments: Provided awesome quality of workmanship, all the employees involved in the project displayed great skill and very respectful to myself and my wife. I highly recommend for any Tree and or Demo work

Review Date: 11/06/2015 | Author: Josh C.

Comments: Montpelier provided excellent quality of service and professionalism for the price. They arrived on schedule and finished when promised. The yard was cleaned up and the work was outstanding. I would highly recommend them to anyone who needed tree service.

Review Date: 10/13/2015 | Author: Fred G.

Comments: I have hired several Tree Services in my time so I feel that I can fairly compare Montpelier Tree Services with the others. Montpelier's service was outstanding. They arrived on schedule, shaped or cut down and removed a number of large trees then ground the stumps. They removed all debris then raked and leveled where their equipment had disturbed the lawn. Their package pricing was fair for the job and I am happy to recommend them to others. FG

Review Date: 10/06/2015 | Author: Mary C.

Comments: Jason came and walked around with me and gave me a firm quote right there. He was knowledgeable and his recommendations were right on. The friendly and professional crew came in and got to work. They kept at it and did a good job and cleaned up the trees and the "tree trash" left on the ground. They did all I expected and more. I would recommend these professionals to anyone.

Review Date: 10/06/2015 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: The estimate was right on. They worked carefully to ensure that new sod was not harmed. They cleaned up carefully after the branches were trimmed, even raking to make sure none of the leaves were left behind.

Review Date: 10/04/2015 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: The technician was knowledgeable and helpful.

Review Date: 09/29/2015 | Author: Ralph D.

Comments: One of the friendliest most professional groups I have hired! Crew was very, very good at what they do. I highly recommend them.

Review Date: 09/12/2015 | Author: A M.

Comments: I got 3 quotes and Montpelier was by far the best quote plus they were the most knowledgeable about trees and bushes. I was very happy with their work and they cleaned every branch they cut. Payment was very convenient. Paid over the phone with a credit card.

Review Date: 09/07/2015 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Good example of getting the job done right without squeezing the customer

Review Date: 09/07/2015 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Great service

Review Date: 09/07/2015 | Author: Burnett H.

Comments: Jason brought crew in, and then he and crew chief left to go to another site. Young employee was left to cut tree down. Instead of climbing tree to lop from the top down, he made one cut and tried to steer it down with rope. Tree fell at wrong angle and demolished my wooden fence. Just missed hitting new grill and deck. To Jason's credit, he repaired the fence with new materials and repainted it. Also replaced an azalea bush that was lost by the stump grinder. When finished, I was satisfied with the final work, although what should have been an hour-long job took all day to complete.

Review Date: 08/20/2015 | Author: Lori S.

Comments: took down 2 trees and did a wonderful job, for a more than a fair price

Review Date: 07/23/2015 | Author: Hal B.

Comments: From the estimate to job completion, everything was on time and to my satisfaction.

Review Date: 07/20/2015 | Author: Casey R.

Comments: They were so friendly and on time. They had by far, the best prices and we will definitely use them again in the future.

Review Date: 07/07/2015 | Author: Michael W.

Comments: Jason gave the estimate. Mike and his crew came on time and did exactly what I requested. Five trees trimmed and one tree cut down. They were quick, efficient and cleaned up before leaving. Highly recommend them to anyone needing tree services done.

Review Date: 05/10/2015 | Author: Arlene W.

Comments: They were very professional and on time. WOW what a concept. :)

Review Date: 04/24/2015 | Author: Carla M.

Comments: Jason & all of the guys that came out to do the work were so good to us. Jason came to do the estimate...we had to work around the rainy weather, but he kept in touch until they could come. They came on Wednesday & it was Awesome to watch them at work. They did a wonderful job, were so careful not to cause damage, & made sure that we were happy with the job before leaving. I definitely would recommend them & will be using them again in the future.

Review Date: 04/15/2015 | Author: Brian T.

Comments: Jason and his crew were great! They were on time and did a great job. I would use them again for future tree work.

Review Date: 03/24/2015 | Author: Mike M.

Comments: Jason and the staff were competent, 100%. Prompt and courteous. They contacted prior to arrival as scheduled, did the job, cleaned up and were gone, zip!zip! I will call Montpelier for any job relating to tree services.

Review Date: 03/04/2015 | Author: James C.

Comments: Jason and staff were very friendly. Came in, performed the job quickly, cleaned everything up and gone. Thanks Montpelier. Would definitely call again.

Review Date: 02/27/2015 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Job took a little longer than expected but was very surprised by the friendly staff and the cleanup. Will definitely use them again. Other "pro" listed did not bother to respond to request.

Review Date: 02/27/2015 | Author: Brian M.

Comments: Very courteous. Fair price.

Review Date: 01/26/2015 | Author: Megan Y.

Comments: Fantastic service and professional job. Great attention to detail and clean process. Out of the 8 listed "pros" on your site, this company was the ONLY one to respond to my request. The others should not be listed and are a waste of time since they aren't serious about conducting business. All the more work for Montpelier - a very deserving company!

Review Date: 12/22/2014 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: very courteous